Focallure Metallic Day To Night 18-Color Eyeshadow Palette





    The best glitter eyeshadow palettes to be able to accomplish any look for any occasion.

    What it does:
    Make transforming your look from work to personal a breeze with this eyeshadow palette.The 18-color eyeshadow makeup options provide a diverse array of colors. Some are more appropriate for work environments and some are ideal for a more dramatic evening entrance including an eye-popping gold eyeshadow. You will always be on trend, in style, and stunning with the best glitter eyeshadow palette from Focallure.

    Solutions for:
    Cream-based eyeshadow to prevent creasing.
    The fade-resistant formula to last for hours.
    Includes neutral and berry tones.
    Mirror included.

    What else you need to know:
    Please note that this eyeshadow palette is for makeup purposes only. It is also essential to keep out of direct sunlight, as well as a temperature that is either too high or too low to preserve the integrity of the makeup. And, this product is not suitable for children.

    How to use:
    Apply the metallic eyeshadow with either a dry or wet brush depending on the desired effect.


    Additional information


    #1 Bright Lux, #2 Neutrals


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